Irish peat and turf gifts and barbecuing

Peat has been used in Ireland for thousands of years to fuel and heat homes.

It is the result of thousands of moss and plant growth being compressed in to a thick, dark earth like quality but is completely organic and non toxic.

The peat or turf as it is known in Ireland burns brightly, with a rich glow and a fragrant smell. Indeed turf has been used for this reason in the flavouring of whiskey and in barbecuing. In Ireland it was a beloved memory of many people, travelling around Ireland, smelling the rich scent of the turf burning on the fire. Its warmth and homely character have long been noted with it a piece of turf given as a blessing gift in a new Irish house centuries ago. A symbolic gesture wishing the new home warmth and safety.

This domain name was previously owned by a gentleman who was using turf as a barbecuing fuel* (SEE BOTTOM). It gave quite a flavour. One Bar-B-Que Judge in a Texas barbecue competition described it as:

“Award Winning Beef with a penetration of the Smoke Rings and flavour”

While some of the customers spoke glowingly about it.: “My wife Mary and I are not barbecue aficionados but we do barbecue frequently. We just use gas grill which works fine except it sometimes gets boring even though it’s convenient. However, on the recommendation of a close friend, we decided to spice up our cooking and tried Magical Peat!! Unbelievable, not only did it smell great, the food tasted better than ever. Even our neighbours noticed the smell and wondered what we were cooking. We just put some magical peat chips on the gas burner coals. Incredibly simple but what a difference! Later on we even tried the peat candle, which was very pleasant & did keep the bugs at bay! We can’t thank magical peat enough for such a great product. We would recommend it highly to anyone who wants to ” kik it up a notch”! Warmest regards,
D&M P Illinois”

If you are interested in looking for peat for barbecuing please leave a comment at the bottom of the thread. I shall see you email address in the back end of the site and contact you regarding.


Irish peat and turf are also used these days in making gifts and art pieces. Island Turf Crafts creates products and artisan crafts out of compressed peat and turf which are turned in to a durable form which has a high sheen and quality reminiscent of mahogany.

The make diverse gifts from wall hangings to Celtic Crosses and and even clocks. Brilliant or what.


Turf is also used an incense and can be bough online in a dinky incense burner that looks like a old thatched cottage and offers a small piece of turf for burning on a special holder.

These incense sticks are used to scent a room or a outdoor party with the rich smell of Irish peat fire, a smell that every one should enjoy at least once.

It also just looks really great.

As far as I am aware Mr. Jim Gallagher passed away a no. of years ago, ar dheis de go raibh a h-anam. I have no association to the business that previously had this web domain.


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